My love affair with fabric and colour began as a child, when I would watch my mother making clothes for the children. She taught me to sew carefully and creatively, wasting nothing.

Quilt making and textile art has provided me with a canvas and unlimited palette of texture and colour. My work has always involved detailed and complex stitch, by hand and machine. I have drawn inspiration from calligraphy both ancient and contemporary, from text and musical manuscripts.

My ideas evolve from experimental multimedia mark making and colour exercises. I work in series; one piece inspiring the next. The excitement of exploring the “what ifs” weave and connect the pieces as they evolve.

My intention has been to develop my own stitched language within an abstract framework. Colour is integral to my work, the contrasting values of stitch, texture and colour changing the surface of the cloth. Dyeing and printing techniques on natural fabrics create the foundations from which the work evolves.

It is an ongoing exploration.


'Hidden Messages'

Festival of Quilts 2016

Third place - Contemporary Quilts

'Taking Liberty'

Festival of Quilts 2014

Second place - Contemporary Quilts

'Evolution Series 2'

Festival of Quilts 2011

Third place - Art Quilts

'A Winter's Tale'

Festival of Quilts 2007

Winner - Contemporary Small Quilts and Machine Quilting

Two Judges Choice Awards 

'Bellis Perennis'

World Quilt Competition (USA) 2006

Jury selected quilt


Quilt 2004 at Festival of Quilts

Jury selected quilt

'Colouring In'

Festival of Quilts 2005

Winner - Amateur Award (Contemporary Small)


American Quilter's Society Show 2004

Jury selected quilt


Quilt 2003 at Festival of Quilts

Jury selected quilt

'Phalaeonopsis Follet'

Quilt 2002 at Festival of Quilts

Jury selected quilt

'Cymbidium Fantasy'

American Quilter's Society Show

First place in category

Quilt 2001

Jury selected quilt

'A Village Affair'

National Patchwork Championships 1998

Merit award

'Sunny Side Up'

National Patchwork Championships 1997

Merit award

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